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U381 OBDII/EOBDII Memo Scanner(live data)
U381 OBDII/EOBDII Memo Scanner(live data)>>
Product Name: U381 OBDII/EOBDII Memo Scanner(live data)
Part No.: U381
US 32
Net Weight: 0.80KG
For purchase of Qty 50 or more,special price would be 30 USD pet unit

1.1 Tool Description
1.LCD Display , 128*64 pixel display with contrast adjustment, Backlit
2.enter key  selects displayed
3.exit key   go back to the previous screens
4.up/down arrows-moves the selection pointer and scrolls up or down.
5.LEFT/RIGHT arrows-Select responses and moves cursor.
6.OBDII connector cable, connect car and the scan tool
7.Battery compartment
1.2 Product Specifications
Display-Backlit LCD,128*64 pixel display.
• Operating Temperature- 0 to 50
• Internal Power- 9v Cell
• External Power: 10.0 to 15.5 vols provided via vehicle battery
• 195mm Length  81mm Width  32mm Height
• OBDII connector , 1500mm
1.3 Product Features
• Works on all 1996 and newer cars & light trucks that are OBD II compliant (including the VPW, PWM, ISO, KWP 2000.
• Reads and clears generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
• trouble codes display on the LCD, needn't the code book.
• Scanning  live data
• Reading Freeze Frame Data
• Testing I/M Reading Status
• Reading vehicle info
• Rescanning Data
• GM '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
• Ford '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
• Chrysler '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
• Toyota '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
• Honda '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
• NISSAN '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)
• All other Asian and European '96 - Current Year (OBD-II)


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