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AD90 key programmer
AD90 key programmer>>
Product Name: AD90 key programmer
Part No.: T906
US 165
Net Weight: 1.00KG
For purchase of Qty 5 or more,special price would be 155 USD pet unit

 Read transponder
 Write onto transponder
 Copy transponder
 Available to be used with the Chip Decoder System
 Adaptable to future projects
 Wide range menu language
* AD90 can detect,read and duplicate( using an appropriate key blank)Philips,Megamos,Temic and Texas transponders
* Reads fixed code transponders:
 Philips PCF7930/31 C Silca 33 73
 Philips PCF79 35 40 41 42 44 45
 Temic C Silca 11 12
 Megamos C Silca 13
 Silca T5
 Texas C Silca 4C
* Recognises:
 Megamos crypto C Silca 48
 Philips crypto C Silca 46
 Texas crypto 4D
 Fixed 11 12 13 33 73 4C T5
 Crypto 40 41 42 44 45 4D 48
 Rolling + Crypto 46
* Copies:
 11 12 Temic
 13 Megamos
 4C Texas
 4D Texas crypto
 T5 Nova


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