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Product Name: W-1
Part No.: AR100
US 1200000
Net Weight: 2,500.00KG
For purchase of Qty 3 or more,special price would be 1198000 USD pet unit

W-1 is the new generation of standard type of car body repairing system that the Primacy company has developed. It adheres and combines the advantages of both the foreign and domestic body repairing system. The equipment incorporated the hydraulic pressure and slope automatically for the first time, thus make it indispensable equipment of national car and repair enterprises. This machine is suitable for various domestic and imported car, minibus, off-road cars.

W-1 Function? 
* The whole working bench, with its high precision, ensure the precision of the measurement.
* With the reasonable design of the height of the working bench, has a large operational room for the chassis.
* The design of the pair drawing-towers, can rotate from all angles along the working-bench guide.
* All the components of the equipment are adopting the imported hydraulic components, the drawing towers are furnished with hanging arms, can realize diversified draw.
* Movable three-dimensional laser measuring system, guarantee the measurement more accurate, thus simple and convenient and easy to handle.
* With automatically hydraulic pressure of the way of getting on the car, adopting air operated hydraulic machinery self-lock device, thus safe and firm.
* Various jigs, complementing that disposed at random can repair various car collisions and the car that out of shape.
* The global simultaneous car-body database, ensure the providing of the latest and fastest car-body data.

W-1 Specifications                                                    

Working-bench Length                          5328mm

Working-bench Width                           2000mm

Working-bench Height                           535mm

Equipment Overall Weight                      2500kg

Hydraulic Power                                    69MPa

Tower Pulling capacity                            98000N

Radius of Pulling                                     360°

Air Supply Required                              100PSI

Lifting Capacity                                      5000kg           



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