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Product Name: W-5
Part No.: AR102
US 1300000
Net Weight: 3,100.00KG
For purchase of Qty 0 or more,special price would be 0 USD pet unit

W-5 is the new generation of luxurious type of car body repairing system that the Primacy company has developed. With its creative design, unique performance, complete dispose, unparalleled strong function, contains the technological achievement of multiple patentability, thus fully reflect the demeanor of king in the field of its same kind of products. This machine is suitable for various domestic and imported cars, pickup trucks, minibuses, off-road cars.

W-5 Function
* With its large working bench, adjustable in the vertical height, realize the moving on to the shelf and repairing of all kinds of cars more conveniently.
* With its structure of two drawing towers walking in a circle, has powerful pulling force and long durability.
* Adopting the movable three-dimensional measuring system, has a high precision and is easy to handle.
* Patent common jigs, beam jigs and auxiliary jigs ensure the clamping and fixture of any style of the cars.
* Mechanics streamline design complementing jigs nearly consider all kinds of car repairing that out of shape. 
* Movable secondary-lifting ensure the getting on the bus and repairing more convenient and swifter.
* Mechanical and hydraulic double self-lock device ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
* Allocating top and bottom drawing devices, realizes the omni-directional drawing and repairing for the vehicle.
* The global simultaneous car-body database, guarantees the providing of the latest and fastest car-body data.
U.S.A. imported hydraulic system, has reliable performance, long performance life.

W-5 Specifications                                                     

Working-bench Length                            5772mm

Working-bench Width                             2000mm

Working-bench Height                             300-830mm

Equipment Overall Weight                        3100kg

Hydraulic power                                       69MPa

Tower pulling Capacity                              98000N

Radius of Pulling                                       360°

Air Supply Required                                  100PSI

Lifting Capacity                                        3500 kg

Secondary Lifting Capacity                        2500 kg

Secondary Lifting Height                            408mm           

Remark: It is subject to material object if data above-mentioned has any change.




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