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Product Name: BZB2000B
Part No.: AR301
US 1300000
Net Weight: 3,500.00KG
For purchase of Qty 3 or more,special price would be 1299900 USD pet unit


External Size (mm) 7040x560x450
Internal Size (mm) 6900x000x650
Cabin System:
1. Wallboard EPS (epispastics polystyrene)colorful steel boards,50mm thick, Australian equipment and technology, one-time compound-formed, anti-flame and heat-containing. Ceiling boards are made of  galvanized steel sheets
2. The outside frames are decorated by galvanized steel sheets; the front door frames are decorated by aluminum-alloy components
3. Basement Framework of zinc-plated steel plate, zinc-plated square steel pipe assemble, The floor consist of flat steel grids and embossed steel plates.
4. Ramp Full ramp, which is made of anti-slip embossed steel plates.
Air Intake and Exhaust System:
1. Centrifugal  insulated ventilator, using of Siemans technology

Inhaling Ventilator
 Model: YDW 4.5L1
Exhaust Ventilator
 Model: YDW 5.6S
 Blower capacity:12000m3/h
 Blower capacity:15000m3/h
 Pressure: 815Pa
 Pressure: 810Pa
 Rolling speed: 900rpm
 Rolling speed: 900rpm
 Power: 4kw
 Power: 5.5kw
 Quantity: 2 sets
 Quantity: 1set

2.  The circulation system covers a set of automatic valve, matching Swiss genuine 8 newton actuator.
3.  The generator cabinet is made of cold rolling steel frame and galvanized steel sheets.
Air Purification System:
Adopt dual filtering structure, the rough structure, made from Chinese high quality non-woven cotton, can capture granules larger than 15 ?m. It is fixed in the joint of automatic valve cabinet and burning cabinet, matching a movable door for being replaced conveniently. The fine structure is made use of Italy filtering cotton. It features multilayer structure so that it block away granules bigger than 5?m. It is set as interior-hook block flat style at the bottom of the static pressure room. The whole purification system has capacity of large volume of dust, small air block and long durability. Its filtering rate reaches 98%.
Heating System:
1. Burner It takes Italy Riello brand,G20 model light diesel burner which generates 180 thousand Kilocalories heat energy each hour;the consumption of oil is 4~6L/vehicle the heating time requires 5-6min.?
2. Heat Energy Converters Welded by stainless steel by argon arc welding. Its structure is rational, safe and reliable, and its heat exchange area is large, heat utilization rate is high. The heat exchange rate reaches 85%
3. Oil Tank The capacity of oil tank  is allocated to be 50L, matching the transparent oil volume display and diesel filtering device.
Light System:
The light boxes present a angle of 45? against the wallboard. The system consist of 32pcs 36 W Philips lights and electron ballasts; The wall lights cover 16pcs 36W Philips lights and electron ballasts. The illumination in the room is above 900 Lux.
Electric controlling system:
Made up of the selected electronic apparatuses of Chinese and foreign best brands as all operational and controlling components, which are of supreme quality.
Environmental Conversation System:
It adopt mutilple mixing fog filter device and active-carbon capture device to ensure  qualified exhaust according to the relevant state standards.

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