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Product Name: KQJ-302
Part No.: AR406
US 1550
Net Weight: 25.00KG
For purchase of Qty 0 or more,special price would be 0 USD pet unit

* Using special shortwave infrared quartz glass as the heat source which the light-wave offers powerful penetrability.
The equipment is suitable for planar painting, and lamps can independently rotate 180 degrees
The equipment can be used to dry automobile resin putty, two-component paint and water base coating. It has widely scope of application.
Lamp cover adopts stainless steel with shining mirror-like surface, reflective effect good, thermal gather homogeneously.
Short drying time to ensure high proficiency and high quality of painting surface.
Timing devices within 0-60 minutes are free to choose, and the process of automatic control.
Special power adjustment switch can achieve arbitrary choice adjustment in the rated power range.
Lamps, which can separate and single control, are flexible to use.
The casters, it can move freely, trouble free and convenient.
Wheels with brake are good use of position fixed when the equipments work.
The structure is easy, strong, beautiful and durable, and it transport easily.

       Number of Heater Tubes: 2 
Length of Heater Tubes: 58cm 
Voltage Input: 230V 
Power Output: 0-1600W
Distance From Panel: 45-50cm 
Time: Ground ash: 10min Two-component paint: 15-30cm
Max. Coverage Area(L*W): 120*65cm
Painting Surface Temperature 70-80C
Adustable Height of Lamp:20-150cm


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