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Product Name: KQJ-303
Part No.: AR407
US 1450
Net Weight: 32.00KG
For purchase of Qty 0 or more,special price would be 0 USD pet unit

* Using special shortwave infrared quartz glass as the heat source which the light-wave offers powerful penetrability.
* The equipment is suitable for planar painting, and lamps can independently rotate 180 degrees
* The equipment can be used to dry automobile resin putty, two-component paint and water base coating. It has widely scope of application.
* Lamp cover adopts stainless steel with shining mirror-like surface, reflective effect good, thermal gather homogeneously.
* Short drying time to ensure high proficiency and high quality of painting surface.
* Timing devices within 0-60 minutes are free to choose, and the process of automatic control.
* Special power adjustment switch can achieve arbitrary choice adjustment in the rated power range.
* Lamps, which can separate and single control, are flexible to use.
* The casters, it can move freely, trouble free and convenient.
* Wheels with brake are good use of position fixed when the equipments work.
* The structure is easy, strong, beautiful and durable, and it transport easily.

       Number of Heater Tubes: 3 
       Length of Heater Tubes: 58cm 
       Voltage Input: 230V 
       Power Output: 0-2400W
       Distance From Panel: 45-50cm 
       Time: Ground ash: 10min Two-component paint: 15-30cm
       Max.Coverage Area(L*W): 150*65cm
       Painting Surface Temperature 70-80
       Adustable Height of Lamp:20-150CM

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