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Product Name: KQJ-B503
Part No.: AR409
US 5000
Net Weight: 200.00KG
For purchase of Qty 0 or more,special price would be 0 USD pet unit

KQJ series of Short-wave Infrared Painting Machines are the latest auto equipment designed by our company on basis of the most advanced auto painting technology home and abroad. Its core component - highly-intensive short-wave infrared heating tube?has won national patent with the patent No. of ZL02292262.8. The highly-pure quartz glass tube is adopted as the internal tube, the heat-resistant rare metal wire is processed with special crafts and then wound in internal tube, the internal tube is vacuumized and then filled with inert gases and halogen, and finally the colorful quartz glass tube is adopted as the external tube. There are two purposes of the structural design. First, when the painting machine is working, the dazzling rays emitted from the internal tube unacceptable by human eyes are turned into red warm rays through the filtration of the external tube which not only makes no damage to human eyes but also makes human eyes comfortable. Second, the far-infrared rays will go through secondary vibration under the role of external tube. It can be directly penetrated into the paint (putty) layer to accelerate internal chemical reactions. The double-component paint will dry in 15-30 minutes and atomic ash will dry in 10 minutes after heating. The characteristics include high penetration ratio, heating from the internal to the external, rapid thermal transfer, energy conservation, and long service life. In addition, the paint films are shining, adhering tightly without shaving. And there are timing, temperature regulation, and temperature setting functions.

Model: KQJ- B503
Input voltage: AC-220V
Output power: All temperature -2400W, Moderate temperature 800W-1600W


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