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QDJ-4200 Automobile Starting Power Supply
QDJ-4200 Automobile Starting Power Supply>>
Product Name: QDJ-4200 Automobile Starting Power Supply
Part No.: AR604
US 1150
Net Weight: 85.00KG
For purchase of Qty 0 or more,special price would be 0 USD pet unit

QDJ Series Automobile Starting Power Supply

QDJ series silicon rectification automobile starting power supply is special equipment, which is integrated with the quintessence of domestic producers in the same trade and developed in optimization design for automobile starting in winter. It has such characteristics as stable performance, reliable work, simple operation, and easy maintenance. Besides the function of starting for large, medium and small-sized petrol and diesel vehicles, it can be used as battery charger for all kinds of vehicles. It is elegant in appearance and portable. It is the most ideal starting and charging equipment for individual and collective motor vehicles in factory, oil field, and motorcade.


QDJ-4200 Automobile Starting Power Supply 
     AC Input Voltage: AC-380V(three-phase)+0(grounding) 
     Starting Output Voltage: DC12V,24V 
     Max Starting Current: 2000A 
     Overall Size: 480x380x890 
     Net Weight: 85kg 
     It is applicable to large-sized and heavy petrol and diesel vehicles for starting in winter.



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