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TWC-401NIC Tyre Changer
TWC-401NIC Tyre Changer>>
Product Name: TWC-401NIC Tyre Changer
Part No.: AR800
US 1500
Net Weight: 3,000.00KG
For purchase of Qty 0 or more,special price would be 0 USD pet unit

We offer Launch TWC-401nic Tyre Changer.

TWC-401NIC Tyre Changer 110V/60Hz
TWC-401NIC new(2)is an improved product is used for demounting, mounting and inflating tyres of small vehicles. It features simple operation and high reliability. It can also be a great help in car repair garage and tyre dealers.


Smart design and safe structure, some parts made of patent material
Wide rim diameter capacity suitable for most Asian tyres
Powerful motor
Reliable drive unit
Low noise
Optional accessories
Mounting heads (metal and PA66 ) have optimized profiling for maximum efficiency; special design for tyre protection with rigid and durable features
International standard (CE,UL)


Max. wheel diameter: 1000mm
Max. rim width: 400mm
Rim clamping diameter(inner): 13-20
Rim clamping diameter(outer): 10-17
Working pressure: 8-10bar
Bead breaker force: 1600N
Power supply: 110V/220V/230V50Hz/60Hz
Power of motor: 1.1kw
RPM of turntable: 6-8rpm
Torque of turntable: 1070Nm


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