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Toyota Intelligent Tester II
Toyota Intelligent Tester II>>
Product Name: Toyota Intelligent Tester II
Part No.: X700
US 380
Net Weight: 5.00KG
For purchase of Qty 3 or more,special price would be 350 USD pet unit

Product Description Toyota Tester

Toyota Intelligent Tester II is Toyota/Lexus dealer diagnostic tool provide support for on-board diagnostics on Toyota/Lexus models equipped with OBD II and CAN Bus.

Scan system
1. Engine
2. A/T
3. ABS
4. TRC
5. ESP
6. SRS
7. Anti-theft, Centrol Door Lock
8. ICM, Cruise, Suspension, A/C
9. EPS

Intelligent Tester II Main Function
1. Read out trouble code, Erase trouble code
2. Data Stream
3. Draw data stream curve
4. System setting
5. Control unit programming
6. Self-test inter status of Inspection Instrument
7. Memory and Back display
8. Bidirectional Control function_Drive actuation components simultaneity

Functions and Features of Oscilloscope Set:
1. All Functions on Standard Set
2. Display Voltage Signals from the Oscilloscope Probe for Analysis (Oscilloscope)
3. 2ch inputs
4. Input Impedance 2Mohm
5. 1Hz-500KHZ for Frequency range
6. Voltage Relative to Vehicle Ground negative90 to 90v
7. Measurement Accuracy negative%5 to 5%
The software for Intelligent Tester II is designed and developed by user oriented concept. Auto detect function recognizes the electronic control systems on the vehicle utomatically without selecting the vehicle models. The shortcut buttons for the frequently used functions will simplify the order of the operation.
The Intelligent Viewer (I-Viewer) is an application software run on the PC to analyze, store and print out the ECU data captured by the Intelligent Tester II. The data files stored in the I-Viewer can be transferred by attaching to an e-mail. Software Update Wizard and Calibration Update Wizard of ECU reprogramming will be a function of the I-Viewer.

Functions and Features:
1. Detect Vehicle Connected Automatically
2. Display Vehicle Current Data Parameters (Data List)
3. Display Diagnosis Trouble Codes (DTC)
4. Activate Relays, Solenoids, etc. (Active Test)
5. Display Voltage Signals from Voltage Meter Probe
6. Store All Data Parameters Before and/or After Problem Occurs (Snapshot)
7. Reprogram ECUs  


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