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Nissan Consult 4
Nissan Consult 4>>
Product Name: Nissan Consult 4
Part No.: X922
US 580
Net Weight: 1.65KG
For purchase of Qty 3 or more,special price would be 551 USD pet unit

Nissan Consult-4 is the new generation diagnostic system for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. It is powerful, flexible and easy to use and will transform your ability to provide rapid, accurate service diagnostics for today's sophisticated Nissan and Infiniti models and future products ��?good news for both you and your customers.
Nissan Consult-4 is a laptop-based diagnostic system using a Microsoft® Windows® based user interface. It has a new Hardware platform ��?laptop PC - and a new Application for diagnostic work.
Nissan Consult-4 supports all Nissan and Infinit vehicles from 1996 to Now.
Nissan Consult-4 offers several major advantages over the current CONSULT-II:
1. Diagnostic efficiency and accurate repair
2. Enhanced diagnosis function to CAN network system
3. Downloading of reprogramming data
4. Integration of the VR (Vehicle data recorder) function into VI unit
5. Enhancement of diagnosis capability for future systems
6. Wireless communication (between Nissan Consult-4 and VI/MI units)
7. Big screen display ��?much more information can be displayed on one screen
Support Vehicle Lists:
1. All Nissan Vehicles;
2. All Infiniti Vehicles;
3. Newest Renault Vehicles;
4. All GTR Vehicles;
Standard Nissan Consult-4 Kit Features:
1. Host;
2. OBD-16 Line;
3. 14PIN Line;
4. USB Line;
5. Bluetooth adapter;
6. CD ;
7. Carrying Case;
Nissan Consult-4 OS Requirements:
Windows XP (SP2)  or Windows XP (SP3) 
Nissan Consult-4 Communication Mode:
1. USB 2.0;
2. Bluetooth;
Nissan Consult-4 Languages:
1, English,
2, Finnish,
3, French,
4, German,
5, Greek,
6, Italian,
7, Japanese,
8, Spanish,
9, Chinese(Traditional),
10, Chinese(Simplified),
11, Russian.
Nissan Consult-4 software version:
Software version : Ver

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