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KES-200 Handheld Engine Analyzer
KES-200 Handheld Engine Analyzer>>
Product Name: KES-200 Handheld Engine Analyzer
Part No.: L011
US 3054
Net Weight: 100.00KG
For purchase of Qty 3 or more,special price would be 2901 USD pet unit

Kes-200 is a handheld engine analyzer that can test both DIS and distributor engine with many state-of-the-art concepts and technology. It greatly help you to find out any problem in ignition, stating &charging and fuel injection system, as well as various sensors of the vehicle. Therefore make you an expert in garage immediately. Its real time 4-channel oscilloscope, digital multi-meter, easy to use software, build-in library of standard waveform, PC/Print link ports and upgradeable program card all result you with a professional job
·4-channel real time oscilloscope
·Smart multi-meter
·Analysis of ignition/starting/charging system for both DIS and distributor engines
·Analysis of power balance/contribution/cranking up to 6 cylinders
·Test of various sensor, display control and signal trigger function
·Data/waveform hold, save and retrieve, comparison to the standard
·Large LCD display, RS-232 PC/Printer port, gas analyzer interface, full accessory
·Database of OEM specification, upgradeable program card and hot key for help
·Number of Channels 4
·Voltage DIV 0.1V~20V DIV
·Time 25s~20s
·Frequency Width 500kHz
·Measuring Voltage DC±150V
·Magnification Times for Waveform Max. 5 times
·Dynamic Waveform Memory 50 pages on-line memory; 8 pages off-line memory

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