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KWA-300 Wheel Aligner
KWA-300 Wheel Aligner>>
Product Name: KWA-300 Wheel Aligner
Part No.: L012
US 7818
Net Weight: 100.00KG
For purchase of Qty 3 or more,special price would be 7427 USD pet unit

KWA-300 3D Wheel Aligner is the latest 3D graphic wheel aligner which can establish movement models and therefore provides full-range aligning service through visual measurement technology.
KWA-300 3D Wheel Aligner features complete functionalities, reasonable interface, automatic monitoring and operating tips to eliminate improper operation. The equipment is capable of convenient alignments with real time adjustment of front and rear wheels, and a full range of chassis diagnostic parameters.
·Durable target
·Passive target demanding no periodic calibration
·Easy operation and maintenance due to no request for cable connection and battery charging
·Convenient runout compensation procedure with no need for reference
·Precise Measurement
·Stable light source without shine interface disturbance
·Dynamic compensation measurement
·Real-time display of data makes the adjustment easier
·Flexible measuring modes to give easy access for users of traditional wheel aligners
·Use Friendly
·Advanced graph processing, mode identification and computer visual technology
·Perfect 3D model on the base of Kinesiology, optical measurement and automotive technology

·Item Measurement Range
·Total toe-in 0~±40°
·Camber 0~±20°
·Caster 0~±25°
·Kingpin Inclination 0~±25°
·Maximal wheelbase it can Measure 4000mm
·Requrements on Surroundings:
·Ambient temperature: 0~50°C
·Relative humidity: <85%


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