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Renault Immo Emulator
Renault Immo Emulator>>
Product Name: Renault Immo Emulator
Part No.: D005
US 19
Net Weight: 0.01KG
For purchase of Qty 50 or more,special price would be 18 USD pet unit

Renault Immo Emulator
After decoding of Renault injection computer using RENAULT RESET TOOL or by entering security code, in most

cases you can start engine, but some of injection computers can not operate without immobiliser code stored in

their memory.Diesel EDC15C3, DCU3R and MSA15, petrol SIRIUS32 (except those for 1.4Lengine) and FENIX5 for

2.0L 16V engine require working unlocked (with good key)immobiliser unit or Renault immobiliser emulator. Use

together with RENAULTECU DECODER for a complete kit.


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