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DigiMaster 18
DigiMaster 18>>
Product Name: DigiMaster 18
Part No.: E009
US 1466
Net Weight: 0.60KG
For purchase of Qty 3 or more,special price would be 1393 USD pet unit

DigiMaster 18 is a programming machine with multifunction which can connect
computer through the USB access. Apart from the ordinary functions, there are special
models function:
1).Maintenance of the odometer: It is for correcting the mileage of the odometer (identify
the data stored in the chip and analyze the data rule of them automatically). Repair the
problem of the odometer & Coding the new odometer .
2).Universal Programmer: used when program and modify on the EEPROM with no
more than 16 architraves.
3).Decoding Audio: this function module is designed for all kinds of audio with digital
code. You can decode the original code when the original code is missed.
4).Restore the airbag: this function module is designed for restoring the data of the airbag
after the traffic accident.
5).Computer decoding: used to read the immobilizer of VW/ Audi.
6).Signal generator: used to generate signal in different frequency of all kinds of sensors
( photoelectricity sensor; magnetoelectricity sensor, hall sensor etc. ), simulation test for
the odograph and ECU.
Fool-proof operation
With graphical and induced operation user display, you can learn it even without the
help of the manipulation manual. Just like WINDOWS, it supplies a lot of tips and on-line
service. It can find out corresponding type automatically if only enter the type of
manufacturer, so it is no need to waste any time in the list of products.
Omnipotent drive for the architrave
Every architrave is not only can supple with VCC, VPP or GND but also TTL
high/low voltage, high-speed timepiece and three conditions. Thus, it can program on all
DIP devices with no more than 16 architraves without adapter. So, it’s not only can
program on those DIP devices which exist in market at present but also can meet the need
of the new device with no more than 16 architraves in the future.
The check function of inserting and contacting
DigiMaster 18 carry an inserting and contacting inspection on every parts of an
apparatus which can prevent you from programming under the bad-contact and wrong
position thus damage can be prevented.
1).System Requirements
Memory: A minimum of 128 Mega free RAM.
Mass Storage: At least one CD drives and hard disk drives.
Display Adapter: At least one of VGA Adapter.
Monitor: Any monitor compatible with the above display adapter.
Operation System: WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
Standard USB port
2).Install hardware
Connecting the DigiMaster 18 and USB port then turn on the power of DigiMaster 18.
Then install the USB drives before you use it.
Odometer correction:
Include:BMW 7 Series E65/E66/E60/E90 (from 2001 to 4th of 2005),no need to replace M35080 (memory)Mercedes

Benz W203/W220/W211 cluster and (EZS)(2000-2005) ignition module

adjustingHyundai/Peugeot/Renault/Honda/Picasso (NEC CPU) cluster adjustingVolvo XC90,S80


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