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V-CHECKER V402 VAG Oil Reset
V-CHECKER V402 VAG Oil Reset>>
Product Name: V-CHECKER V402 VAG Oil Reset
Part No.: c212
US 130
Net Weight: 0.80KG
For purchase of Qty 20 or more,special price would be 120 USD pet unit

V-checker V402 is a VAG special tool for all vehicle modes of VAG family including Audi, Volkswagen,

Skoda,Seat. The product is capable of troubleshooting nearly 100 electronic systems such as

Engine/transmission/airbags and ABS.
V-CHECKER V402 VAG Oil Reset

V-checker V402 provides powerful functions like retrieves ECU information, reads DTCs, displays live data stream,

clears DTCs, basic system adjustment, channel adjustment, reads independent channel data, test actuator,

programs control unit, system log and sends chassis number. V402 is equipped with standard OBD-II diagnose

software, VAG special diagnostic software and VAG dashboard reset software.

Works with all modes of Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat.
Supports KWP1281, KWP2000, CAN Bus and UDS protocols.
Applicable for nearly 100 systems: engine system, transmission system, ABS, Brake systems, air bag systems, air

conditioning systems, burglar alarms, ultrasonic monitoring system, clutch control, suspension systems,

directional control, steering wheel assistance, central locking control, shock absorption system, dashboard

system, auxiliary heating, distance control, Gateway data bus , electric window system, light control left and

right light control, navigation system, internal testing, the central module, automatic light switches, electric

drive, battery control, emergency call module, parking assist, electronic control unit, four-wheel drive, anti-skid

control , the driver's seat adjustment, diesel pump system, headlight control, radio, tire pressure control, seat /

Mirrors, battery charging, electric wipers, electric drivers door , electronic co-driver door, left rear door electronic

control, electronically controlled right-rear, brake booster, brake assist booster, rear spoiler, access and start

control, the front passenger seat adjuster, display control unit , the rear display control unit, TV tuner, voice

control, car phone, electric sunroof, rear driver side seat adjustment.

Working voltage: 8-20V
Working current: 70mA
Working power: 0.9W

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