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Product Name: AK500Pro
Part No.: T001
US 3600
Net Weight: 3.50KG
For purchase of Qty 3 or more,special price would be 3500 USD pet unit

AK500Pro is the most advanced Benz programmer in the world now. AK500Pro internal Benz original factory

calculator, no need remove ESL ESM ECU, with EIS data directly calculate out original factory key data.AK500Pro

is the only machine in the world that has KEY-LESS go writing function.
AK500Pro Super Mercedes Benz Key Programmer Without Remove ESL ESM ECU

1. Faster and safer to write MCU.
2. Internal Benz original factory key generator.
3. Support NEC fast renew, Motorola MCU safe read and write.
4. Support infrared read and write NEC key and Motorola MCU key.
5. Support Benz read and write "Key-less go" Key.(Only this machine support)
6. Support through OBD port active Key-less function.
7. Key test function: more easier to test key and EIS(ESL).
8. Support ESL fast unlock, no need 32G database.
9. Support through OBD read and write SBC data, easier for change SBC control unit.

Does AK500PRO support Mercedes Benz W204 after 2008?
Answer: so far AK500PRO doesn't support NEC eeprom key programming, but support AK500pro NEC eeprom key

W204 is with NEC eeprom, therefore AK500pro neither supports W204 nor supports the following Mercedes Benz

models: w204/w207/w221/w218 and W164 after 2008 year which EIS model CPU is NEC.

Important Notice on KEYLESS GO function
 If you want to use KEYLESS GO function: the key used to make key must be new and blank key, it can't be used

key. New key must be as the same type and frequency as the original keyless go key. Otherwise it will cannot

support keyless go function.
AK500 do ESL: read out original ESL data, generate new key data, write new data .binw back to ESL( now must

use that 32GB hard disk database then can renew ESL)
When you deal W203 ECU, if your ECU is simens, it do not have eeprom. Resolution: Read flash of ecu, then

make renew. Then use MB STAR to do doing.
AK500PRO can write keyless go key. But you must wirte via IR( Your keyless go key must be completely new or

blank. If your key is old, it can read out date, then it can not be write again, you must renew it then can write).

AK500Pro VS AK500, Buy AK500Pro or AK500
AK500 AK500Pro
Read and write EIS: HC705/HC908/HC912/9S12 Read and write EIS: HC705/HC908/HC912/9S12
No Benz original factory key calculator With Benz original factory key calculator
Need to remove ESL/ESM/ECU to synchronize data Support calculating key only need EIS data, no need to

remove ESL/ESM/ECU
Doesn't support infrared write old model big key (Motorola CPU) Support infrared write old model big key

(Motorola CPU)
Support programming infrared key for Mercedes Benz 1998 to 2005 Support programming infrared key for all

Mercedes Benz 1998 to 2011
Doesn't support EGS which is 722.9 type of gearbox computer Support EGS which is 722.9 type of gearbox

Doesn't support programming key for W203/W211 with ECU flash 29F400 and 29F800 Support programming key

for W203/W211 with ECU flash 29F400 and 29F800
Doesn't support Benz read and write "Key-less go" Key Support Benz read and write "Key-less go" Key
Need 32G database to support ESL fast unlocks Support ESL fast unlocks no need 32G database
Support SBC computer reset, doesn’t support through OBD read and write SBC EEPROM Support SBC computer

reset,support through OBD read and write SBC EEPROM

AK500 function menu:

Read ESL eeprom

unlock ESL

Write ESL eeprom


Read EIS Data

Wiring Diagram


Key Calculator

Calculate Key

Mercedes Benz IR key maker calculating key


Product parameters:

Online Communication Interface: USB2.
Power Specifications: AC Input 100-240V, 50/60HZ; output 12V/2A DC power consumption: 40W


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