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Toyota 4D-G Chip Key Programmer
Toyota 4D-G Chip Key Programmer>>
Product Name: Toyota 4D-G Chip Key Programmer
Part No.: K908
US 145
Net Weight: 0.40KG
For purchase of Qty 5 or more,special price would be 140 USD pet unit

Toyota 4D-G Chip Key Programmer

Safe and efficient: Only need 10 seconds to add one key. it is safe for the security alarm system, It supports all key lost


1. Take the IC from the Security box and put it on the chip adapter socket.
2. Connect usb cable, Put the G chip in the space between the black button and LED. Then Press the black button once. LED light flash 10 seconds,
3. After finishing program the chip successful, LED light will turn off
4. Soldering the ic back on the Security box. You can start your car with the programmed chip key now.
5. Maximum 3pcs keys can be programmed by using this 4D-G chip machine.


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